About FDI Medical

FDI Medical/Unified Medical is a national network of successful independent medical distributors.

FDI Medical/Unified Medical is uniquely positioned to provide manufacturers with a specialized sales force that can successfully distribute current products as well as launch new products across the United States.

FDI Medical/Unified Medical proudly represents products that promote a healthy lifestyle, and that aid in the management of chronic disease.

Members are highly qualified and run well-established companies in their respective local and/or regional markets. The alliance of these companies brings together a vast amount of industry knowledge and experience to provide superior customer support, training and education, equipment service, and field sales management.

The strength of the FDI Medical/Unified Medical network allows us to provide manufacturers with highly responsive local customer service supported by common protocols, programs and systems across the country.

This dedication to high-quality customer relationships has been a key component in the ability of FDI Medical/Unified Medical to successfully establish and maintain market share for the manufacturers we represent.

FDI Medical/Unified Medical, with its national network of distributors with specialized knowledge and marketing experience, is playing a vital role in this rapidly changing health care industry.