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PTS Diagnostics A1CNow+ Multi-Test A1C System 10 ct

The PTS Diagnostics A1CNow+ Multi-Test A1C System provides accurate, in-office A1C results, empowering physicians to make on-the-spot treatment decisions for their diabetes patients.

PTS Diagnostics' A1CNow+ Multi-Test A1C System with fast, easy sampler is a multiple use monitor and disposable test cartridge for the quantitative measurement of A1C in fingerstick or venous whole blood samples. With one drop of blood and just three simple steps, the test can be performed in a physician's office. Once the diluted sample is added to the monitor, there are no further steps and results are available in about 5 minutes. The monitor performs over 25 internal chemical and electronic quality control checks with each test, including checks for potential hardware or software errors, and potential reagent strip errors. An error code is reported in place of a result if any quality check does not pass.

The A1CNow+ Point-of-Care A1C Testing with fast, easy sampler tests is annually certified by the National Glycohemoglobin Standardization Program (NGSP) and therefore traceable to the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT). Further, each lot is factory calibrated using a set of blood samples that have been quantitated by an NGSP certified laboratory using an NGSP certified method. Since in-field calibration is neither needed nor possible, the user cannot alter the accuracy of the test. Allowing for the normal variation seen with all laboratory methods, a 7% A1C using A1CNow+ will thus be, on average, the same as a 7% A1C on other instruments that are also calibrated to NGSP standards.

With the A1CNow+ Multi-Test A1C System, you can get your A1c test results in just five minutes. The pager-sized A1CNow+ is the first technology to provide healthcare professionals with immediate access to quantitative A1C status -- the gold standard indicator of diabetes management -- without the time, high cost and complexity of reference labs or instrument-based systems.

Utilizing micro-optical technology that's integrated into a proprietary reusable monitor with single use cartridges, the Monitor will expire after the programmed number of tests have been run (10 or 20). The PTS Diagnostics A1CNow+ provides results that are lab accurate at 99% without the need for expensive capital equipment. This easy to use system fits in the palm of your hand and helps increase efficiency while reducing medical waste.

  • Manufactured by: PTS Diagnostics*

PTS Diagnostics A1CNow+ Multi-Test A1C System 10 ct


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